Baked Skylight - Darkening too intense on foliage

Hey guys! I’m currently facing an issue with my baked skylighting darkening a snowy forest area too much. The main problem is that the leaves of the forest are cutting too much of the light off, resulting in over darkening of the entire area. This is especially troublesome with snow, as the material naturally reflects a lot of light, coming off a lot brighter than other materials. It’s a little bit less of an issue with direct sunlight coming in, as the light propagation is doing a decent job at brightening the area. When there’s only skylight hitting the area then the problem becomes a lot more evident though. I’ve already tried to boost the global illumination in the post processing volume, but it doesn’t quite look right. Ambient occlusion (baked) is also completely disabled.

Is there a way to either…
a. Decrease the skylight shadow casting intensity for foliage such as forest leaves to get more light shining through?
b. Decrease the overall shadowing contrast of the skylight?

You can try something like that for your leaves opacity mask.