Baked lighting and AR

Has anyone come up with a solution that allows placeable AR blueprints to have baked lighting?


Fake the shadow by placing some plane with masked black texture under your object mesh, similar thing to what Epic did with the fake shadows in VR Showdown. That’s at least what I’m doing for dynamic objects/actors like characters and such.


Hi Shin,

Thanks for your response,

However I’m already doing this, and while the effect is useful, it’s more that i would like to have control over the lighting on the mesh as well be able to bake on the ambient occlusion. Also, the quality is never the same baked and unbaked, and im targeting the most aesthetically pleasing results.

I think it would be very useful if you could bake within a blueprint and decide if each instance should use the scene lighting

If anyone use is struggling to do this, I found a quick hack;

Have the AR Placable blueprint in the scene and bake the lighting with the meshes set to movable, but light as static. Then simply modify the blueprint to adjust transform, rather than spawn. Screenshot attached.

Hi all, I was thinking, should we not try having a level set up for the lighting and link the components to the spawned blueprint? Never call the actual level we build the lighting in but use it to render as normal? But I’m not so sure if it’s easy enough to call instances of the static mesh and so forth into the blueprint but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done?

Granted because I have to unwrap everything I am more pushed towards baking textures from Max and Vray.

@NaderXyz I like your idea, maybe you could have a screen widget for a second or so as it starts up and the scene can be set to invisible after even begin, then when it’s spawned set the visibility back? Save having it a thousand odd units off over the back.

Bumping this as I’m not so sure how your blueprint works @NaderXyz. How are you referencing the BP_Placeable from within the ARPlayerPawn blueprint?

Unless you mean you have the meshes in the ARPlayerPawn blueprint and not the BP_Placeable?