Baked light + Dynamic light in the same scene?

I have a building and a terrain (see pic)
For the building I want GI, so I chose a directional stationary light. BUT when I do this the grass loses its shadows.
If I change the directional light to Moveable, lighting becomes dynamic and the grasse gets nice shadows. But the quality of lighting in the building now is much worse.
If I bake using Stationary light and after that I change the light to moveable I get what I want: Baked light on the building and Dynamic on the grass. But I’m sure this is not the right way to make things (because in reality the light is “broken”)

Here is a pic of this last workaround…

How can I achive this in a correct way?

HighresScreenshot00000 (2).png


Try stationary directional light, with DynamicShadowDistance_StationaryLight set to 2k or so. Will give you dynamic shadowing near the camera that supports grass shadows, while still allowing baked indirect.