"Bake out materials" baking black diffuse and blank normals on SOME instances


I am trying to convert a heap of assets to suit my post-apocalyptic world. I have a rather complex shader layering dirt/grime/age etc. When using the “bake out materials” option in the static mesh editor, I am having mixed results. Most of the time, it outputs a black diffuse and blank normal that are 1x1px. Sometimes, it will provide the correct diffuse and normal. I am using the exact same material instance, similar meshes/lod’s, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

When it doesnt, I have to use render targets to output a proper diffuse/normal and it is incredibly time consuming compared to when the “bake out material” button works.

The screenshots show two identical setups, one works, one doesnt, though after testing multiple times, now neither options are working anymore, but I did get one successful bake before that happened. (Still occurs on models with only one material slot as well).

Any tips? The livestream tutorial just shows me workarounds I can use, but the workflow is about 3x longer.