Bake lighting with multiple scene layouts?

I have a room that I’d like to offer two options to players. One with a table in it and one without.

Do I need to create an entire new map for the room without the table or is there a way to bake lighting in the same map with more than one layout?

Since you’re working with a relatively simple item swap between the two situations, could you get away with using lighting scenarios and lighting channels? The lighting scenarios would give you the means to make multiple bakes (I assume. Haven’t tried them yet) while lighting channels give you a way to exclude the table from the second bake.

If your question needs to expand to include a more infinite set of arrangements that answer won’t help.

Thanks. So I think I have it working with lighting scenarios. I created two empty levels and added them as lighting scenario levels.

I have all main assets except the table in the main level. In one sub level there is the table mesh and in another there is not.

After baking switching between the two sub levels seems to bring what I need.