Bake lighting on small terrain gives checkered shadows

I have a small terrain that I want to bake lighting with. Objects that cast shadows on the terrain leave visible checkered patterns within the shadows on the terrain after the bake. I tried increasing the Static Light Resolution on the Terrain to 4 or 5 but that had no effect. Any suggestions?

Can be reproduced by:

  1. Create default level
  2. Create terrain with grey material, scale down to 38
  3. Create objects that shadow over terrain
  4. Set skylight, directional light to stationary
  5. Bake

I’ve had this ( along with many others ), I think you’ll find it goes away when you package.

I tried a packaged build and I still see the checkers :frowning:

It went away for me when I packaged for distribution. I know it’s not really a solution…