Bake lighting is taking to long

Hello guys I’m working on a scene with a lot of folliage, before I tried to bake in preview mode and he take just 20 minutes but I tried in medium quality and in 2 hours is still at 4%.
is that common ? Or I did some mistake in the optimization proces?
My pc have just 16 GB ram and a 1050 ti graphic card.
Thank you guys for your time!

Baking lighting takes a long time.

Some things to consider:

  1. General recommendation for outdoor scences is dynamic lighting

  2. If you do manage to bake lighting in a level like this, your baked shadowmap is going to be MASSIVE, that could easily outweigh any performance benefits

  3. You can reduce the shadow quality drastically by reducing lightmap UV resolution, which in turn reduces the shadowmap footprint. Yes, the shadows look awful up close, but if you use stationary lights you can then configure ‘dynamic shadow distance stationary light’ ( on directional light, start at 1200 ), which gives you dynamic shadows in the region of the player, but keeps static everywhere else.

Great! Thank you for your answer! I’ll try dynamic lighting.
Also I notice that my tree have 3k poly in LOD 0 maybe is to much? I have a lot of tree