Badges and Titles

The Unreal Engine forums include badge and title features to let you show off your accomplishments in the UE4 community. This post documents all possible ranks and titles that you can earn. Some badges are not earned through the forum, but are given to Epic’s employees and partners, but I’ve listed them here as well so you can know what they mean. Some badges can be upgraded to “Prestige” versions, but please note they do not have additional functions when upgraded. Please note, if you are supposed to have a badge, but have not received one, contact @Amanda.Bott


AnswerHub Sage

Every week on the Thursday Unreal Engine Livestream, we take a look at the top 3 karma earners on the AnswerHub. Those 3 are given this badge shortly after the stream

The prestige version is gained after the 3rd time you are in the top 3 AnswerHub karma earners.

Engine Contributor

If you submit a pull request to UE4 on Github and it is accepted, you will receive this badge. It will only be applied once the build version with your code is fully released. So, if you get your pull request accepted, you may still have to wait to get the badge. Normally this happens just after the release notes are posted with the new build.

The prestige version is gained after the 3rd time you earn an Engine Contributor badge.

Game Jam Finalist

Every quarter, Epic holds a UE4jam and one of the prizes is this badge to show off your status as a proven game jam champion. If you are on one of the three winning UE4jam teams, then you get this badge.

The prestige version is gained after the 3rd time you earn an Game Jam Finalist badge.

Marketplace Creator

The Unreal Engine Marketplace is full of interesting and useful items to help developers along their journey. If you are a seller on this marketplace, you get this special badge. It not only shows that you have the skills to sell assets, but it also grants access to an exclusive Creator’s Hub sub-forum. The Creator’s Hub is a place to talk with other makers and Epic staff about concerns and suggestions that affect sellers specifically. The badge is only granted after your first pack goes live, not when it’s accepted.

A pack that is available for sale on the marketplace can be voted on as the featured pack of the month. 3 packs will be chosen each month and in addition to being highlighted in the marketplace tab of the launcher and on the website, the creator is awarded this badge. This has been changed as of Oct 4th, 2016. Badges that were prestiged previously will be grandfathered in, so don’t worry about losing that.


Every week on the Thursday Unreal Engine Livestream, we Spotlight three projects made by the community. These can range from dev-blogs and tutorials to game releases and sneak previews of indy games. Those that are chosen are talked about on the stream, highlighted in the Epic Games launcher and also the creators are given this badge.

The prestige version is gained after the 3rd time you earn an Spotlight Member badge.

User Group Lead

This badge is earned by starting a Unreal Engine Meetup and joining the official group. Just follow the instructions on this page about starting your own.

The prestige version is gained after the 5th time your group meets.


This badge is earned by livestreaming your Unreal Engine 4 development and gameplay enough to be added to the auto-hosted list for This list is curated by the Livestream Team. If you are interested in being added, just livestream with Unreal Engine or UE4 in your title as you work so you can get discovered. If you are consistently streaming and producing quality streams, you’ll end up on the list.

The badge is awarded to livestreamers who were chosen to be part of the Unreal Engine Livestream Team. The Unreal Engine Livestream Team is hand-picked by Epic’s community team for their contributions to the community and consistently awesome livestreams. To get picked yourself, just keep producing regular and helpful livestreams with engaging content, you’ll get noticed with time and effort.

Special Badges

Beta Participant

Anyone who was in the beta for UE4 gets one of these. It’s not possible to earn one anymore since the beta ended. If you see someone with this badge, it means they’ve been around for a while and helped shape the engine as we know it today. It doesn’t come with any special powers, but it’s the only badge that’s uniquely blue.


People that are active in our community and have a need to help others are hand selected for this badge. It is not earned through any one specific action, but a long history of helping people and fixing problems. These badges are only given out when the ratio of moderators to regular posters becomes unbalanced and we need backup. Moderators have access to a sub-forum for them to discuss happenings in the community.

Epic Partner

People who work at companies that are partnered with Epic on special projects get this badge. It is not common and can only be gained through working on a major project directly with Epic.

Epic Staff

Anyone with this badge works at Epic as either an employee or full-time contractor.

Epic Staff (Community Manager)

Anyone with this badge works at Epic as a Community Manager. It’s plaid and that’s all that’s different.

Upcoming Badges

This will be earned by being part of the Unreal Engine livestreamer team. Still in progress.

Wiki Editor
This will be earned by curating, creating and maintaining content in the Wiki. Still in progress.


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Epic Mega Dev

Oh boy…let the fun begin!

A notable omission: The Rainbow Warrior:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome way to distract me more! Let the badge hunt begin :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I get my Gold stars, pretty please :slight_smile:

Engine Contributor
Marketplace Creator

Hero of Peole also missing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, sorry about the delay on these, I’m working through the backlog of badges now. I just got through the Spotlight members, but I have a lot of retro-active badges to give out. Game jams are well documented and I’ll have those done soon, same with usergroups.

Marketplace Team is helping me with a list of sellers, I’m compiling and going through the Engine Contributors lists, then finally I’ll get a moment to go through all the answerhub badges.

Now I want to start streaming my dev sessions lol, shiny badges… :smiley:

Answerhub sage, - should have prestige mode.
been mentioned countless of times.

gamejam finalist.
2 birds one stone
– aww one short i think…

Marketplace creator:
3 down, two to go.

spotlight member - prestige unlocked.
2 mentions of vfx 356 particles a day (which is delayed for another few weeks or more, due to well… stuff)
cave pack back in the day.
hex racer was also mentioned.
luos particle showcase was also shown.

upcoming badges:
lifestreamer: i should stream way more.
wiki editor: been there, done that.

Yep, just updated that, for some reason your account didn’t take my first attempt at the upgrade. Good luck on the other stuff!

P.S. EVERYONE: I’m still going through Engine Contributors, User Groups and AnswerHub. Marketplace gave me a list with “Studio” names, but I know some of you use those and a different name on the forums, so just PM me if you didn’t get yours. If you won 3 game jams and didn’t get your badge, also tell me because some people gave usernames and others gave real names, so my parser gave me very few matches.


also, you need your own Mr Paschall badge :slight_smile:

I have been looking for this, thank you!

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]
Of course I’m biased on that matter and may sound super salty(Well, I am!), but maybe some other ways to get Marketplace prestige should exist?
I have the highest and most rated non-Epic/free product on Marketplace, probably the most selling single asset and just very well known pack in the UE4 public and I won’t get this prestige badge, yet someone who just added 20 separate music tracks or butchered a single pack into separate assets will get prestige badge. IMHO it just not fair, considering Top-10 marketplace assets lists are non-existant, as well as any other ways to highlight good sellers. And now even prestige badges are given for quantity instead of quality :confused:
Sorry again for being too salty, but it’s really disheartening

The gamification is real. :wink:

Awesome :smiley:

Edit: I need the prestige version of Marketplace Creator, I have 6 active packs :wink:

Really neat idea… Great work Epic… and support team.


Nice, but there should be more prestige modes until 10 or something xD

By the way thanks for the star

Yeah! Those starts are brilliant xD

I just finished the Engine Contributor prestige badges. I couldn’t find forum accounts for the following people:

  • alexSilkin
  • CoherentUE4
  • grafikrobot
  • judgeaxl
  • KazumasaOhashi
  • korypostma
  • M3d10n
  • Manny-MADE
  • MarcKamradt
  • maxpestun
  • merlin91
  • PaulEremeeff
  • PhoenixBlack
  • PjotrSvetachov
  • projectgheist
  • simontaylor81
  • smokku
  • stephenwhittle
  • timdonks
  • umerov1999
  • wshearn
  • ymartel06
  • zoon

If you know more or are one of these GitHub accounts, please tell me. If you have had 3 PRs put into UE4, but have not gotten your badge, please let me know so I can check and get you your reward.

EDIT: Answerhub Sage and User Group badges are next on the list. I’ll update as I finish these.

How does one be one an unreal engine stream team in order get the badge (if it ready and set up)?

I would be hand-picking developers who stream UE4. You’re on my list :wink: don’t worry