bad streaming texture resolution ):

i got this simple issue but bc i dont have the experiment in the engine and i am at beginner level i couldn’t fix it, i have tried everything that i could to fix this problem but i couldn’t

here is the problem. when i am far from the object the texture is so good but when i get close like in the second pic it get worse the texture looks soo bad. i belive it is a simple solution but i dont know how to fix it . please help i going to lose my mind lol.

What the color tells you is if the texture size is suitable for the size of the object on the screen.

When you’re far away from the chair, the texture is a good resolution,

When you’re near the chair, it’s not so good.

This is only because the texture used for these chairs is quite low res. It’s not something you’re doing wrong.

this happened to all of my textures not only for these chairs , even the ones from Quixel Bridge gets the same result. every asset i import to my projects is looking bad when my camera in close range and when i go far it turn green ): .

I’d only worry about it if they look bad during play. You don’t need to start optimizing textures when you’re just starting with the engine.