Bad specular when built.

Hi all.
Faced the problem with strange shading in static light, although when I switch two point light from static to stationary and build everything is fine.
In my scene there is PostProcessVolume, LightmassImportanceVolume, SphereReflectionCapture and two Point Lights (static).
My quality settings Cinematic.
Build the light with “production” quality. Changing light quality from “preview” to “production” does not change the quality of lighting.
Lightmap resolutions 256 pixels for each object.
World setting are set on screenshot.
Placing additional reflection spheres or increasing the resolution does nothing.
There is a very big difference in specular between dynamic and static light. It seems that in static light the reflections look very strange.
Please help.

Link to video with example below.
Really strange specular on the video.…


Your lightmap resolution is still too low!

Specular reflections for static lights don’t get composited into the reflection environment so you will only get reflections for whatever is in the reflection captures.