Bad Render

What kind of graphics card do you have, what are your system specs? Do you only get these results in a single project or with all projects including a blank with just starter content?

Hi, Everybody.

I’m trying to get a High Quality on my graphics, but I can’t do it. What is it wrong ?

Thank You.

Hi, Black Phoenix. I get these result in every projects.

Thank You

If you change the anti-aliasing to temporal AA and restart the editor do you see a difference at all?

Also just FYI the recommended system specs:

Call for 2.5 GHz processor and 8GB of ram, I’ve seen it run on less before so that isn’t set in stone but it is recommended.

What are your Engine Scalability Settings set to? These:

Try setting them to a different value, do you get a change?

It’s working, Thank you my friend. My game is great.

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I recommend not using FXAA. As it just blurs the final image.
To have better results, you can Render a High Resolution Image and downsample it (Downsampling)
By adjusting the ResolutionScale in the PostProcess Settings.
TemporalAA can cause ghosting with fast movement and noisy backgrounds.

If you use Forward Rendering, MSAA is the best Antialiasing method.

To alter the overall Quality, you may check the Scalability Settings.

You can change pretty much everything. Be it the Shadow Resolution or the Texture MIP bias.