Bad Performance.

I have a not that good but not too ****** system:
Q6600 8gb gtx680 ( yeah i know, gtx680 with q6600 ?! lol ).
Anyways, i have to get the details and res really low for it to work on 60fps, otherwise it will jitter insanely, even on an empty scene with nothing but a single bsp cube. It gives me about the same jittering in an normal scene and in an empty scene, unless the res is very low.

In unity3d however, i get 75fps and it all works smooth ( I know you can’t really compare the visual effects, but, i get crappy performance in an empty scene in unreal ?! ).

Dynamic lights and post process effects are usually perf killers

Unreal has lots of things turned on by default to make it look pretty, where Unity starts off real basic.

You could try this, from the other thread:

KK Thanks i will give it a shot.