Bad noise with TemporalAA in 4.9

There is a really ugly noise with TemporalAA in 4.9.

Hello Koola,

From what you have described and what I can see from your screenshots is that TemporalAA and FXAA are returning a jaggedness in 4.9.

Here are the steps I took to try and recreate your issue.

1.) Open up a new project in 4.9
2.) I used the Minimal Default level for the test.
3.) Turn on Detail Lighting mode in the main viewport
4.) Go to the GlobalPostProcessVolume and turn on Temporal AA and then FXAA

Expected : Jagged Lines around the edges of the chair and table

Result : Nothing out of the standard expected results

Please check to see what your Engine Scalability settings are at because this can cause issue with the quality of AA.

If you are still experiencing this issue then please post again with your DXDiag, your content, config, and .uproject files.

Thank you,


Thank for the answer.

What I mentioned is not the aliasing on the edge, it’s the dithering visible on the soft shadows.

I’ve got this answer on the forum :

Originally Posted by nick_p :
Hey koola, I asked BrianK about this and what you’re probably seeing is the dithered quantization to remove banding when we switched the temporal history buffer to 11:11:10 from FP16. It wasn’t intended to be noticeable. It’s on his list

Hello Koola,

Good to know. Glad it is being addressed and should be ironed out soon.

Thank you for reporting this,