Bad and weird reflections

Hello guys!

I am still working on a interior project, and I have some problems with the reflections. In some cases, as you can see in the first image, the objects doesn’t reflect correctly, like the picture, that appears cut in the floor. I know the light must be build, but even doing that the result is the same.


In the second image the chairs’s reflections doesn’t show property

And in the last one the same for the benches.


Can anybody help me with these issues, please? I am using the version 4.8.3

Thank you very much!

All these problems are screenspace issues. Screenspace reflections can only reflect what camera can see. To make this bit less noticeable you can set Sphere/box reflection capture probes. For your scene box reflection capture seems good fit.

Try placing a Sphere Reflection Capture Actor. SSR looks weird alone as it’s based in screen space

I have box reflection capture for the floor, fitting all the stance, but it looks like you can see in the pictures above.

If your room is more or less rectangular, place a box reflection actor and adjust it so that all the sides are aligned with the floor, ceiling, and walls. That should help bridge the gap and make the SSR problem less noticeable.

Box like room with mirror floor should have pretty much perfect reflections from walls(everything else is not so perfect) if reflection capture is properly set. Set box to be identic size as your room and then reduce smooth factors to zero. Make sure this work first. Then build your lights, ue4 use static diffuse light as normalization term for reflection captures to fix visibility problem. Only after that you should set SSR.

I did that, setting a bos reflection and fitting it with the room, but the “cut” effect is still being there. See the dashed line. Moreover, there are reflections of unknown objects See “A” areas, and the reflections are like trimmed see “B”


In the post process volume I have setting the SSR like this: Intensity=100, Quality=100, and Max Roughness=0.8
Also I input “r.ssr.quality 4” into the console, but nothing works!
I really frustrated with this, can anybody help me, please?

Can you show scene without SSR. All these glitches looks like SSR bugs.

Here it is


Floor material looks totally different with and without SSR. This should not be the case.

I turned off the SSR setting the intensity of the Postprocess volume to 0. It should be done in a different way?

That is the proper way. Hard to say why your floor acts like mirror with SSR on.

I don´t mind that the floor acts like a mirror, the problem is the reflections. They are cut and the chairs reflections doesn’t shows properly.

Double check your reflection capture, with SSR off you should be seeing the capture’s reflection on the floop, but it looks entirely missing.

Here’s a short summary of how reflections work in UE4:

There are two “sources” of reflection: SSR (screen-space reflections) and reflection captures (cubemaps). They are intended to be used together and neither of them are capable of replicating perfect mirrors.

As the name implies, SSR uses image you see on the screen to try to get reflections from. Therefore, it can only display reflections for rays that can hit visible surfaces inside the view frustum, using some algorithms to fill the gaps (the stretching effect). This is why the painting is cut-off: if the camera can’t see it, it cannot be reflected. SSR is best suited for “contact reflections” on materials that display fuzzy reflections that quickly fade out as the reflected objects get further from the reflecting surface.

Reflection Captures are generated offline, by taking a 360 degree picture from their center and saving it into a cubemap texture. During rendering, rays are reflected into the reflection box/sphere to sample from the cubemap texture. Therefore, reflection captures are better suited for reflecting elements that are either on the surface or outside their box/sphere.

Problem is that floor isn’t acting like mirror without SSR. So there must be something missing in reflection capture.