Backwards Compatibility of Particles


I usually work on 4.13 but for a project I’ll need to work on, we have to use 4.12.5. Is there a way for me to move my particles, textures and materials from my 4.13 project to a 4.12.5 project? I have tried seperating all the textures, materials and particles into folders (to save space) and migrate them to a 4.12.5 project. The files get moved as they are definitely in the folders, but when looking through content browsers, no files show up, only the empty folders.

Is there a way to move things backwards without having to do each material/texture one by one and re-working each particle from scratch in the 4.12.5 version?


Hi Fakado,

Actually what you’re describing isn’t backwards compatibility but forward compatibility which isn’t generally supported in most software.

Backwards Compatibility means that 4.13 or any version can read the previous versions files.
Forward Compatibility means that 4.12.5 or any older version should be able to read a future version of the engine.

At the moment, there is no plan that I’m aware of to implement or add functionality like this. You’ll have to remake the material and particle system if going from a new version to an older version.