Background Music

So I got my game all set and ready to be packaged but during the game I want some music that the player hears in the background, not animation sounds, like a song that you hear when you are in game.

Just add a looping sound cue into your level :slight_smile:

Thanks, your the best!:smiley:

Wave Player isn’t a node.

You have to create a sound cue out of your sound file -> import the song - right click onto it - create cue - double click onto it - the upper picture :slight_smile:

Can you do it with a video because I’m confused.

Ok, wait a second ^^

It’s super simple:v=l7wwoSZb1zw
After that the music will play over and over again :slight_smile:

OMG! thank you your the best ever !

Using this method in 4.8 did not result in gapless playback. But the wave player does actually have a “looping” checkbox which does result in gapless playback

What if you want multiple songs to be added and be looping but each one of them on different area? How do I define where I want my looping song to end and the new one start?

It depends on what exactly you want to create? -> when you just want to loop sounds in different areas, just create different sound cues and add them to the areas :slight_smile:

But how you define when the new song starts looping and the previous stops at all?

You could just turn on/off the other sound with a blueprint + a trigger :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks !

Hi. Any example how to do it? For example using box trigger? I found no way to do it, since I dont know how to add the music component to a level to use function “play” :S

-You just have to add the sound cue to your level
-then get a reference to it in your level bp
-drag out the link and add a play (audiocomponent) node
-now connect an event to the play node (e.g the trigger)

You can do the same with the stop (audiocomponent) node :slight_smile:

Oh, Thank you very much :slight_smile: Getting a reference was what I didnt know how to do it :slight_smile:

Hey , I have a question related to this. When entering a certain area I want the sound to change, but not abruptly. How could I set it up so that it Gradually decreases the volume of the song that is already playing and then gradually fades IN the new song?

You need to use an ‘Audio Volume’. You will find it in Modes / Place/ Volumes / Audio Volume