background light question

hey guys,
I have a little question about backlights in obejetcs… actually im looking for the best way to backlight a cola vending machine.
I have no idea what could be the best way to enlighten the huge cola adverstising on a vending machine or a lampshade… these parts are enlighten
from the back, so some of the lighting comes through the plastic or fabric to the “outside” Making these parts translucent looks weird… making them
emissive looks also a bit weird. Do we have any other options ?

I guess the same technic works on curtains? cause they are also letting light throug but just a little bit…



You’re overthinking it, just use an emissive texture, you can even have it emit static lighting if you enable the option on the object in the level.

I would do this emissive, but using a specific map rather than just a value, I don’t think you can just rely on the colour map to do all the work

I would make a simple greyscale emissive map, brighter in the middle than at the edges (you can sort of see where the light is showing through in the photos), the key would be to then multiply it by the colour channel before connecting it up to emissive - they used to print movie posters on both sides so the colours looked richer when backlit

Emissive was also my first thought… i guess i have to use a mask cause by using a simple value the object looks very unnatural…

thanks darthviper and tehtehteh…

Don’t forget you can use a multiply node to change the intensity of the emission. I’m sure if you make an emissive texture with a mask and you dim the intensity it will look good.


Yeah sure i know that i can multiplay the emissive… seems that the mask will do the the trick… My first test looks alreday ok to good…)

You might need to multiply by the diffuse map