Background Blur on mobile and alternatives?

I’m wondering if there is any possibility to get the BackgroundBlur working on mobile devices or are there working alternatives?
The widget itselfs uses the FSlateDrawElement::MakePostProcessPass() function but that results always as black on mobile devices…

My current “solution” imitates the blur by having an UI Domain Material (which blurs the input texture with a kawase blur or spiral blur on high end devies) which is a render scene capture 2d. But obviously the whole UI is not going to be captured (any solution to this? any hidden c++ function to capture the whole viewportclient/renderer what so ever to get all visible pixels 3d and UI?

Appreciate every input!

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So far I think I have the solution, it’s
It makes a screenshot of UI and the 3d Scene. :slight_smile:

TArray<FColor> Bitmap;
bool bScreenshotSuccessful { FSlateApplication::Get().TakeScreenshot(GEngine->GetGameViewportWidget().ToSharedRef(), Bitmap, Size)};

FCreateTexture2DParameters Params;
Params.bDeferCompression = true;
Params.bSRGB = true;
Params.bUseAlpha = false;
Params.CompressionSettings = TextureCompressionSettings::TC_Default;

TArray<FColor> DstData;
FImageUtils::ImageResize(Size.X, Size.Y, Bitmap, Size.X / 4, Size.Y / 4, DstData, false);
UTexture2D* Tex { FImageUtils::CreateTexture2D(Size.X / 4, Size.Y / 4, DstData, PlayerController->GetGameInstance(), "DynamicTestImage", EObjectFlags::RF_Dynamic, Params)};

​​​​​DynImage = MakeShareable(
    new FSlateDynamicImageBrush(
        FIntPoint(Size.X, Size.Y),
        FLinearColor(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f),


It captues the game viewport downscales it by 4 creates an UTexture2D and displays it in an SImage, works currently fine in the Editor, but results in an crash on actual mobile devices. :frowning:
Still trying though.

// Edit:
The crash must relate to the resizing or creating a dynamic image brush.
But nevermind, FSlateApplication::Get().TakeScreenshot function is too costly for mobile (takes a whole sec on low end devices).

For low-spec machines where the blur effect is too computationally expensive,
a user-specified fallback image is used instead (effectively turning this into a Border)

4.26 will finally support SBackgroundBlur on Android (according to the github source), propably because of deprecating support of opengl es 2.0.