Babylon project (provisional name)

Excellent work! Looks amazing! @_@

“VCTF-Retribution” is a map based on the future world.
But I think that your map looks nice with your characters.
I don’t feel a sense of incompatibility from your map. @_@

It’s the proper work.
The sense of balance is good!

1 minute and 5 seconds in gave me a rare laugh out loud moment.thank you for that.a great start to the day.:smiley:

Kee, it’s futuristic, but has a “retro” touch.

661gaz, then look at 6:12 :smiley:

Here is a voice test for the female character:

Voices are from Katabelle. I think still needs more tension, more anxiety. She is working in that.

Music composed by Nathan Britton.

Cool ! :slight_smile:

3:1 sword fighting is very interesting.^^
It’s good work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is why I did firearms code for a swords game…

Update: combat gameplay (ground/air):

Reminds me of Stargate a little :slight_smile:

Some improvements to the female voices, all by Katabelle (

All the NPC’s have the same voices, but with different pitch values. Voices reflects now more tension in the combat.

There are still some bugs to fix in the animations, and the clothes are no fitting the bodies, that were modified after doing the clothes.

Music by Nathan Britton.

winged discs.i wasn’t expecting that!

but then, “nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” might be too young to remember this.

Heh, don’t remember, probably the spanisht tv didn’t show it. But I remember the Benny Hill show :slight_smile:

I wanted to reveal the aliens in a official trailer, but as all are going too slow, didn’t want to wait.

superb work as always.

however long the wait is,i think you have an awfull lot of followers eagerly awaiting the release.

as for benny hill,i can see him now being chased by a few of your models.and loving it.

Benny Hill and the Ninja Triplets… interesting.

Hello CobalUDK!
Do you think you can make a tutorial on how to achieve this camera automatic exposure?

Works by adjusting the “tone high” in the post proccess. Depends on the camera angle respect the Sun.

Adjusting light component instead is very very slow.

Here are the code:

exec function AutoExpo(float DeltaTime)
  	local float F,B;
	local avatar P;
	local vector V;
	P = avatar(WorldInfo.GetALocalPlayerController().Pawn);
	if (P == none) return;
	F = vsize2D(vector(P.cam_rot) -  vector(sol.rotation));
	if (F < 1.5) { F = 0.01; }
	if (F < 1 && !P.FastTrace(P.location - vector(Sol.Rotation)*50000, P.location, , true)) { F = 10; } //collisions

	B = ExpoUsa;
	F = ToneHigh - (F/(4+B));
	F = fclamp(F,ToneHigh - (B/10),ToneHigh);
	ExpoDeseada = Lerp(ExpoDeseada,F,Deltatime);
	V.X=ExpoDeseada;V.y=ExpoDeseada;V.z=ExpoDeseada; WorldInfo.DefaultPostProcessSettings.Scene_HighLights=V;

Some variables out the function:

“cam_rot” is the current camera rotation, stored in the player class (avatar).

“sol” is the directional light used as Sun.

“ExpoUsa” is the exposition intesity, from 0 to 3. Set by the user.

“ToneHigh” is a variable used in user configuration to adjust the scene high lights. The value I’m using is 0.85.

I’m using this in the gameinfo class, called from the tick event.

Hello Cobal!thanks a lot for your sample function

De nada, hombre.

Here is a music and voice test:

Fan of the music. I know its probably just a placeholder but its atmospheric with a touch of mystery / menace!
The UK/Auz accents used here work much better over South Cal. Still avoiding English with Spanish accents? :slight_smile:

Nice vistas @ about 1:16 min, what’s causing the artifacting / noise in the distant city when the camera pans?
5 mins in, the camera switches to 1st person (near end of fight). Glitch? (Love games that offer that flexibility).

Excellent work!!! @_@
When do you release your game?