aya blaze - high-speed, sub-gravity, uplifting arcade racer >>

Hiya! I’ve been working very hard to have a prototype for my game aya blaze ready for submission to Bitsummit by the end of this week, and I’ve been keeping a daily dev blog documenting the rush here but I’ve completely forgotten to post here…

So here’s what I had 2 weeks ago;

…and here’s fresh out the oven today!

In motion;

Check out the dev blog]( for some tuts and rants :slight_smile: bai!

Looks good, I’d love to see a video.

Looks incredible!!! Very nice job!

How did you make the tracks?

This is looking great!

It was really interesting reading your thought process behind the look and feel of the game, actively moving away from that cold, clinical look of something like wipeout. As you say, there’s no reason something like this can’t be much more inviting, with a sense of fun. I was able to draw a parallel between this and my experience working on the ‘Forza Horizon’ series if you’re familiar with it - we took the same approach when coming from the more serious mainline Forza franchise. We even had the same music track in the game you referenced :wink:

Looking forward to seeing how this one works out, as I’d love to make a racer like this in the future.