Awful Quality in Editor


When I first started using Unreal a month ago, the graphics in editor have always looks terrible. Especially the lighting and reflections(also the render distance on trees and such looks to be INSANELY low). I need help figureing out why it looks so bad. I really need this to work. I posted a similar question a month ago and no one helped me so hopefully this time I can actually figure it out.

For those wondering. Engine Scalability has always been on EPIC and Material Quality is on High. I have also Built the lights in Production mode too.

I have a GTX 760 that hardly ever comes close to even 50 degrees when using the editor under load.

     Here is an example of what the lighting/reflections look like on EPIC

    This is the same scene but set to the lowest scalability settings. 

You can barely even see the text on Epic… This makes no sense.

Thanks for the help,

Please help :confused:

I am having this same issue on 4.8.3. Is there any solution to this please?!!

Amazing quality compared to what I’m getting on a GTX 950…

we use workstation laptops with rtx 2808ti studio edition 18gb and we still are having issues…