Awakens CitySample CineCamera always defaults to Player (or CamerActor) Capsule camera

Hello, this is specific to UE5 Awakens City Sample

It is a problem in Level Sequencer. When I set up new CineCameras when I go to render the camera cuts they always default to a Player Camera even though I have deleted my Player capsule. I am also not in Game Mode in world settings for the CitySample. It is also arbitrary as sometimes the new camera I set up works fine. However, in all Level Sequences, any duplicated camera always defaults to the CameracActor.

Any help is appreciated

Update: It appears creating a CineCamera in the LEVEL Sequence window is a way to get around the problem. However, please note “duping” a camera in the Sequencer list or “spawning” a new camera in the MAP to the Sequencer will almost always mean the camera at render time will always default to a LEVEL CameraActor.