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Dear Community,

My C++ Dream Goal achieved, physics multiplayer platformer, this is a real game with my friend using Steam!





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New Low-Level UE4 C++ Memory Management Tool For The Community!

Dear Community,

I’ve just released a new wiki that shows you how you can count references to any AActor/UObject yourself!

You can also get an Object list of exactly who is referring to your UObject!

The code is quite simple, and I am using built-in runtime engine tools.

Garbage Collection ~ Count References to Any Object


Sample output:

TArray<UObject*> Referencers;
for(UObject* Each : Referencers)
		UE_LOG(YourLog,Warning,TEXT("%s"), *Each->GetName());

Oh dang thats REALLY handy i can finally figure whats keeping a reference to my actors causing a null pointer crash, Thanks !

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4.11 BP nodes of mine that are now in-engine!

Dear Community,

In 4.11 are the BP nodes / C++ code that I contributed to the engine that Epic accepted!

1. Is Player Controlled

From the release notes:

New: Added Pawn::IsPlayerControlled() to compliment IsLocallyControlled() (thanks EverNewJoy!)

This is for BP multiplayer games!

It lets you know if the character is currently being controlled by a human player :slight_smile:

If you combine this with IsLocallyControlled() via a macro you can find out easily if any character/pawn is being locally controlled by a human player!

From the 4.11 Release notes:

New: Vector2D now has equal and not equal functions, just like Vector3D.

2. Vector2D == Vector2D and Vector2D != Vector2D

  1. Get Capsule Half Height Without Hemisphere

If you are working with PhysX code a lot, you will enjoy this addition to UE4 because it gives you the half height of the capsule the same way hte PhysX engine sees it!



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I have a small coding project I would like to have you look at doing, if you have any time available presently, thanks.

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Dear Community,

I am happy to announce that my melee weapon plugin, a C++ Code plugin, is on the UE4 marketplace now!

I do a lot of low-level physX coding in this plugin to make it easy for you to visualize and control exactly which shapes within your weapon physics asset do damage!

This is a plug and play **per-bone melee weapon system **solution for your project :slight_smile:

Easy to integrate into multiplayer and it is a plugin you can utilize entirely within Blueprints where it was designed to be used.

You can control exactly which parts of the wind-up, swing, and wind-down do damage via animation notifies connecting to your Character BP!

UE4 Marketplace Link