Available, Counseling, Steam/Multiplayer Code, UI, C++ Game Mechanics

Dear Community,

I am offering two broad services:

1. Counseling by Phone / Email

2. Contracted Work to do C++ Coding (Creation of Plugins for Blueprints Included)

**Client Testimonials

All links are to posts within this thread! **

**Testimonial by  Proulx, Author of Quicken**

"When I was starting my first project on UE4 it was a bit overwhelming.  The lack of documentation was frustrating.  I learned, as most newbies do, by googling and reading the forums.  But I noticed that most questions posted were answered by .  I started doing sessions with to have him help get me down the learning curve and was amazed at how well he knew the UE4 engine.  It seemed like he knew as much as an engineer at Epic--maybe more.  In addition to his knowledge of UE4, he was also a great teacher so that the more time we spent together the more competent I became at being able to do things myself.  is one of those rare engineers with a deep knowledge of his subject and also a wonderful ability to explain and teach.  If you're looking for help on any UE4 project you won't find anyone better."

-- Proulx, co-founder of Intuit, author of Quicken



**Isaac (plugin service)** 



**Isaac (Telephone Session, UE4 Profiling Tool)**

** (custom plugins)**

Email / Telephone Counseling

I have room in my schedule for about 7 telephone sessions per week, ranging from 1 to 3 hours in duration.

I record these calls for your future listening!

I can offer you counseling in this range of topics

  1. Learning UE4 Blueprints, we build stuff together on the phone! (I’ve a lot of this with clients already!)

  2. UE4 C++, learning from the ground up, intermediate, or advanced (I do this all day)

  3. Game Design Concepts integrated with UE4, how to approach your project and build it in the most efficient manner

  4. How to best use the power of UE4 for your project goals

  5. Animation Blueprint Help (I have custom animation blueprint mechanics that do fancy things, in this video I demonstrate a “spine aiming” system allowing any skeletal mesh to look up or down and use the same exact sword animations they would use if they were facing level Video Link)

6. Any other topics you want paid counseling about related to UE4

**Direct C++ Coding Assistance**

I am currently working on **[Solus](https://wiki.unrealengine.com/The_Solus_Project)** with **[Hourences](http://.hourences.com/)** and am available for about **20 hours a week** for additional paid projects.

So to be clear, I can't sign on as a full time project member, but I can do paid work for about 20 hours a week in this range of topics:

1. **Binary Save Systems,** creating a custom save system for your game that saves to compressed binary array (I wrote the wiki tutorial on this subject : **[Save and Load any Data to Compressed Binary File](https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Save_System,_Read_%26_Write_Any_Data_to_Compressed_Binary_Files)**) 

I have already implemented an instantaneous full save/load feature for Solus! The compressed binary file includes a **snapshot of the player's view** at the time of saving!

2. **C++ Game Mechanic coding**, Any game mechanic you can imagine, I make new game mechanics almost every day in C++. (I recently figured out how to replicate movement of ragdolls / simulating physics meshes **[Video Link](https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?17078-Video-Player-Controlled-Replicating-Physics-Movement-Simulating-Physics!&p=92198&viewfull=1#post92198)**)

3. **Multiplayer Programming**, I've had a focus on coding Multiplayer games in Unrealscript/C++ for years now 

**[Video Link 1: Real Multiplayer Game using my Multiplayer Level Editor coded in UE4 C++](https://.youtube.com/=xy7ay_-tFlk)** 

**[Video Link 2: Very fancy replicated Game Mechanic I did in the UE4 Beta](https://.youtube.com/=V7BqwYKU-H0)**   

**[Video Link 3: Multiplayer Editor](https://.youtube.com/=QcnTpXMdmmI)**

  1. New Blueprint Nodes made in C++ for your project needs, to be used by the Whole Team

I have given almost 100 new BP nodes to the UE4 Community via my Blueprint Nodes plugin! People can use it without compiling any code.

Description and Download of my Blueprint Plugin Library

5. **User Interface Programming (UI),** I have written my own UI system, but I also know Coherent UI from **[personal experience (Video Link)](https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?7975--says-Hi-From-Inside-His-Mech!-Video-!)**.

6. **Animation Blueprint Coding in C++** (**[Video link to fancy animation stuff  with C++](https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Victory_Game_Videos#Per-Bone_Sword_Collision)**)

7. **Steam Integration**, I've already got Steam working for my own projects, as well as for Solus. 

I have played actual multiplayer games in my own game where people connected just by clicking on the name of their friend in my own custom in-game Steam friends list.

**[Thread Link about my In-Game Steam Friends List](https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?12837-Introducing-my-Victory-HUD-Elements-System!-Dynamic-HUD-System-With-Animation&p=92223&viewfull=1#post92223)**

8. **Custom Editor To Ship With Your Game,** so that end users can mod your game without owning UE4 (has some limitations, I cant allow you to import new assets because the FBX pipeline is restricted to the Editor, I already asked Epic's legal department about this)

9. **Low level C++ coding**, under the UObject Level for Data Management (**[My whole UI system is written in Pure C++](https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?12837-Introducing-my-Victory-HUD-Elements-System!-Dynamic-HUD-System-With-Animation&p=83240&viewfull=1#post83240)**)

10. **Dynamic Level Generation**, based on tiles or some other randomization method (I've already  a lot with this on my own)

11. **Anything else you can imagine**, I'd be happy to consult with you by PM as to the feasibility of your goals / whether I've already  it (I play with UE4 C++ a lot)

  1. Plugins of any kind to do anything, for use in Blueprints and not requiring any code compile

My Vertex Snap Plugin is a good example of how I can actually modify the Unreal Engine to suit your project’s needs without having to touch your actual Engine code on your local machine.

**UE4 Engine Programming**

I've  a far amount of programming directly in the UE4 Engine code itself,  are some videos!

**Slate Window that shows hard drive contents**

**Introduction to Vertex Snap Editor Integration**=fW23S0DlF3g
**Vertex Snapping Editor Integration, including BSP!**

**Area-based Display of Vertices for High Vertex Count Meshes**

**Asymmetric Scaling of Meshes, Displaying Vertices for Such Meshs!**=9VaMriBqSws


**Accepted GitHub Pull Requests**

I've had more than 30 of my Github pull requests accepted directly into the UE4 Engine. 

What this means is that Epic has accepted my code directly into the Engine for current or near future engine releases to the .

Chances are, if you have an Engine version greater than 4.1, then your version of the UE4 Engine has some of my code in it :)

My pull requests have ranged from bug and crash fixes to adding new features to the Engine in C++ as well as Blueprints.


**C++ Code and BP Nodes of Mine Currently In the UE4 Engine**

**3 Nodes From Me For You in 4.4**

**4 BP Nodes From me For You in 4.3**

**CPP Functions From Me For You in 4.3**

Two FMath:: functions I wrote for you, enjoy!


**My Video Portfolio (87 Videos)**

I have 87 videos of my various C++ creations !

**'s UE4 C++ Video Channel**


**My UE4 C++ Portolio**

I wrote about 65% of the UE4 C++ wiki tutorials (**about 70 tutorials**) currently on the [UE4 C++ Wiki](https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Category:Code)



**Featured Videos Portfolio**

's some of my favorite featured videos on a wiki page, including a video where I use my entirely in-game **C++ level editor** to make a Rainbow Galaxy in about 8 minutes.

I coded this in-game level editor by myself, from scratch, using only UE4 C++ and no external libraries. I am just using Epic's provided code base :)

And my in-game C++ Level Editor has **undo/redo** capabilities, as well as saving/Loading levels to/from hard disk as **compressed binary files**!


**Victory Game Videos**



**Accepted Forms of Payment**

1. Paypal

2. Credit Card

3. Check in the Mail / Money order

4. .westernunion.com (for non paypal, non check)

5. Bank Transfer


**I Look Forward To Hearing From You**

Have fun today!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]♥


Seeing as I already got my first job offering asking me if I am willing to relocate to a different part of the world, I would like to clarify:

I cannot relocate at the present time, but I am happy to do long distance consulting via skype, telephone, teleconference, or email :slight_smile:

I am quite comfortable speaking to groups of people or leading a discussion in teleconference or skype video conference format.

I can do actual C++ coding work or consulting and be part of a project via any form of long-distance communication :slight_smile:

Featured Video

Per-Bone Sword Collision

This videos demonstrates my per-bone sword collision system! Make sure to see the end of the video where you can see how my collision system takes into account the tiniest animation positions of each bone!

At the very end of the video, the large skeleton who is standing still is determined to be in collision range of the sword based entirely on animation sequences of the bones!

The collision capsule never moves at all, as the big skeleton is just standing still, and is not being counted! My system is doing per-bone calculations using the physics asset of the skeleton skeletal mesh :slight_smile:

This video also shows off my destructible skeleton physics asset!

Send skeleton bones flying in all directions as actual simulating physics objects!


I’d be interested in some of your time if your still available pm if your able to.

**Featured Video

Prototype Character Creator**


-Point and click on face parts to open different sets of sliders!

-My own custom UI system, in C++

-A re-incarnate chipmunk

-a sparsely clothed warrior of noble birth

I made the character morph targeting myself in 3ds max, I actually work with 3ds max quite alot

Obviously the look and feel of the Character Creator is totally customizeable, I am just showing that I’ve already programmed all the parts and even prepare the 3D mesh asset in 3ds max and then import it into UE4 and set it up with the C++ side of things.

I personally really like how I can just click on various parts of the character’s face to access different sets of sliders, feels very intuitive to me! That was my own personal contribution to the idea of a Character Creator.


I like your stuff .

How come everything you do has a pink tinge or overlay?


Personal preference really :slight_smile:

And my original Victory game has a Post Process Volume that I tinted pink

Since most of my videos are from that Victory Game project everything is thus pink :slight_smile:

Anything you see in my videos can be just as easily untinted, and most of the time it isn’t even really pink, its just that Post Process Volume in my Victory Game

Hee hee!

Featured Excitement

For my most recent paid work request,

I was asked to develop the ability for a python script to communicate with UE4 via sockets!

I just achieved this!

I went from not knowing anything about sockets in UE4 to this!

(open image in new tab to see in better detail)


PS: will be writing tutorial on the basics soon.

Hi ,

I always enjoyed your experimental contributions.To date, my personal favorite is A Multiplayer Level Editor.

The following may or may not be of interest, but, a Online tutoring platform such as TutorsClass could be of use in your Consultant Business. It handles the tutor/student scheduling, virtual classroom/whiteboard collab, and payment processing. One advantage is being able to consult multiple clients simultaneously. I personally would like to UE4 + Oculus Technology put to use for Non-Game Applications w/Real world purpose such as this ie: Virtual 3D Classrooms, 3D Shopping Malls, etc.

Keep up the awesomeness.

Oooh nice, thanks for the compliments!

I am working with VR for Solus and so I have interest and experience related to your idea of virtual 3D classrooms and more!

Thanks for the idea!


My Handiwork in 4.3

Four nodes I offered to Epic are now available in 4.3!

**Min of Float Array
Max of Float Array

Min of Int Array
Max of Int Array**

The bulk of this code was actually in c++, I added a generic min and max function to the UnrealMath library that accepts an array of any variable type for which the < operator is defined.

You can find my C++ Template Min Max of Array function in:


I exposed this to blueprints only in the form of Min/Max of Int and Float arrays as that was deemed by Epic to be the simplest and best approach for now.

I originally made these nodes for Hourences for Project Solus and he mentioned it was really needed in the Engine itself so I offered it to Epic and they accepted it :slight_smile:

's a picture of my nodes which you can now use in 4.3!

I can see our team having a good use for your skills in the future , we have quite an intense networking challenge ahead of us! I’ll get in touch with you about it at some point :slight_smile:

okay let me know!

I do network coding of game mechanics every day :slight_smile:

Featured Video: Rainbow Particle Creatures

In this video I demo a tech I made up whereby the verticies of a skeletal mesh are accessed, including their current animation position, and particles are attached to these vertex locations.

The result is a moving animating creature made only of particles!

Very cool stuff!

That is very cool! =) Hows the performance impact with this effect?

Hee hee! Glad you like it!

Performance is great on the C++ side of things!

My calculations dont have a noticeable performance hit,

the performance is based entirely on the particle that is being used :slight_smile:

Also my algorithms are as usual very customizeable, and I can change how many particles are spawned for the density of vertices at any time.

Currently my algorithm detect when vertices are in close proximity, density of vertices, and avoids spawning too many in one area.

That’s why the face of the skeletal mesh is not totally packed with particles in my video :slight_smile:


I must say, very interesting stuff. =)

these Rainbow Particle Creatures are awesome :cool:

, please check your PM. I might have a project for you.