Automotive Shaders Car Paint Raytracing lighting Bug?

Hi guys,

I stumbled across this trying to setup my scene using a raytracing setup in 4.24.3. The car sits inside a garage, all lights except the sun are turned off. the sun is at 120.000lux. Skylight and Sky Atmosphere are present with default settings. Viewport Ev100 @ 8. Windows have been setup using portals. The car is using the latest version of the automotive shaders provided by Epic. Now the strange thing that happens is that the car paint material is getting light way too bright when turning raytracing reflections on. it looks correct with ssr and all the other lighting passes look correct as well.

Edit: It appears the issue has to do with reflection probes. do these need to be disabled when using raytracing?

ok so reflection probes all removed I can pinpoint this weird behavior to the skylight. So affect ray tracing reflections in skylight needs to be turned off. Is this supposed to be this way?