Automotive Materials not working correctly

Unreal Version 4.26.1

I’m having issues with the Automotive Materials Pack. Car Paints and Glass are working fine, however Plastics, Reflectors, Carbon Fiber and Leathers, (could be more) are giving me a ton of errors and warnings. To make sure that it wasn’t my mesh, I tried the materials on a basic cube and got the same errors. I also tried reinstalling the whole materials pack, but that didn’t work either. When I try to apply the materials to a mesh, I only get the checkerboard pattern. Also when that happens, the icon in the folder also changes to the checkboard pattern.

Digital Storm Aventum X
i9 14 core
RTX 3080
32 GB Ram
Windows 10

Ones that don’t work for you work for me. I just completely removed it from my system because it’s a waste of space. There’s a really big pack of free materials I use now.