Automotive Material as Material Layer

Hello All,

Sorry newbie here. I’m trying to learn Unreal, and this is the first problem I can’t find the solution to online. Hope someone can help.

I am trying to use materials from the Automotive Material pack, such as “Car_Paint” and blend it with other layers using Material Layer and Material Layer Blend, but no luck…
At the moment, I tried coping the nodes inside Car_paint parent material, and pasting it inside the new Material Layer, then relinking it to a MakeMaterialAttributes node to the matching attributes (please see photo).

The results from the output preview looks completely different than the original material. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix this? I am guessing either copying and pasting nodes is the problem, or some material detail settings are not set correctly for curtain nodes. Or is there another quicker solution to convert a Material to an Material Layer than to rebuild it?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!