Automotive glass material overlapping problems

Hi, Does anyone know why when automotive glass shader overlaps (eg looking through window with another behind) it masks cloudy and blurred with no reflection!? I’ve tried everything in raytrace post process settings!!! but I just cant figure it out. Any help much appreciated.

For me, several of the Automotive glasses are kinda broken, but others work as you would expect. So maybe something is bugged with the materials themselfes. Have tested it with screenspace translucency and raytracing, my own simple glass works fine in both, even trough several windshields or glass panels (in raytracing of course only if the max refraction rays are set high enough to go to all layers of glass).

So maybe build a new glass and test it again, and see what happens. (lightingmode set to either Surface TranslucencyVolume or Surface ForwardShading, mine used Surface ForwardShading).

Ok thanks for the response. It seems as though the materials do have inherent problems. I’ll try the alternatives suggested.