Automatically generating texture atlas and material for tiling textures ?

If I import 1 static mesh with 50 materials on it, which has 50 tiling texture sets (50 diffuse, 50 normal, 50 specular), I would end up with UE4 saying it was a bad idea (which indeed it was).

Is there a tool to have UE4 automatically put all those textures into an atlas, generate single material that utilizes that atlas and replace all the materials that the static mesh has with that single material (so I end up with 1 mesh, 1 material that uses one or a few atlased tiling texture) ?


Actor merge can do material combining but if you only have one actor I don’t think it will work.

Yeah, that wouldn’t work.

I can bring in several static meshes instead of one. Would I be able to get 1 mesh, 1 material and one of several atlased tiling textures by combining those static meshes in UE4 ?

It’s kinda important :slight_smile: Anyone from Epic wants to chime in? :slight_smile: