Automatic Backround Culling feature!?

i am new into Unreal Engine 4! (so forgive me if i write something wrong)
i have a question:
i see in this Video demostration from Cryengine 2 Editor a Automatic Backround Culling system (if the term is correct)! if you stand in front of a Wall the Backround Geometrie culls away!so th framerate is better!
See from 02:20-02:50 time something like this possible in UE4?
if not would this be possible or usefull in UE4?
the second Video: in this 2 Videos there are some other features demostration about Volumetric Clouds and Star system and also Voxel painting on terrain to make Holes-cave systems
and the Destruction Fracture system for objects is Amazing in Sanbox 2 Editor is this in UE4 the same or better …and interaction with Physics ?