Automated resistance using arduino

Automated resistance using arduino controlled servos to control wheelchair brakes.
Part of my phd in exerGaming.

password: wheelchair

Looking great Joey! Can you please share a bit more background on the project and your objectives? Which UE4 logic did you use to trigger the servo-control? Simple hit or overlap?

That is so cool. The wheel chair is the controller!

Hi Marco - I have a box trigger attached to the 3d wheelchair model.
When there is a collision with a particular virtual model the servos tighten the brakes. This is done in the blueprint scripting using a plugin called UE4DUINO which controls the servo rotations through an arduino board. I am doing a phd in exerGames, looking at the impact immersive gaming has on exertion, motivation and physical output.

Are you willing to share how you made it?? I am looking for: Ue 4 to digital potentiometer to control a Fan (these VR are goggles can get hot and smelly). My blueprint skills are great my c++ skills are not so great. Maybe you can share what board you used and what arduino code you used.

Thanks in advance.