Automated render for different views of an object

Dear community,

We have a use case where we want to use UE4 to render an object to images.

I am not sure whether we need to use C++ or any other available script function in UE4 and I am looking for any advice and tutorials/sample projects.

  1. A blank scene is created first.
  2. A 3D model (should be provided in combination of obj+mtl files) should be loaded to the scene (at the origin)
  3. A fixed camera is placed somewhere in the scene and pointing to the object
  4. Render an image from the camera view

  1. Move or rotate the object and render an image again from the camera view (maybe we also want to change lighting/texture, but those are not top priority)

  1. Repeat step 5 for ~20 times, with different rotation/translation on the object itself

We have ~10000 objects, for each of them I want to the steps above.

We do not have requirements for real time performance, so if render each image takes say 1 minutes it should be good.
We have ~10000 objects to do and for each of the object we want to render, say 20 different views, so in total we need to render ~200000 images, this is impossible for manual work. Therefore we are looking for automated solutions like scripting.

What is the best way to achieve this, is there any tutorial of blog post I can follow? Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you