Automated Photoshop Action to convert Real World to Stylized or Comic like Textures

I finally got my Photoshop Action Set running. I allows you to convert real worl textures to textures that looks like they are hand drawn or have the cool Telltale style.
I made it really simple so I just have to push one button an get a finished texture.
It works with all kind of textures like hair, rock, grass, snow, wood and bricks.
Here are some samples.
Would love to hear what you think about it.

Sure you right it will never look as good as real hand painted textures or Telltale like textures. But I just tried to make a simelar look and already changed some thing for the Telltale like textures here is what I got and sure they dont look as got as Telltales textures but I think they not that bad.