Autodesk maya import

I tried to import a fbx file from Autodesk maya lt 2016 to Unreal engine 4. It was a knife model and it looked fine in Maya but when i imported it to UE4 it looked fine, but the other side was invisible.


Check normals direction in MAYA. If you modeled a half of your model and then duplicate with negative scale, normals has same directions as original the half of your model.

I did some research about it and. as far as i know, the normals should be fine

Object: Screenshots:

Maya: Screenshot - 41d446ef1477677d00a588a3828f1dae - Gyazo

UE4: Screenshot - d4102c14bf7c4aaa8aa4829cc691aadf - Gyazo ; Screenshot - 8d008e0bb4a2d15be2aa68264bff31cb - Gyazo ; Screenshot - 5fb5eaaf44d5506c3928574366192a01 - Gyazo

Normal not be a fine. Apply Confirm command to your model.

after Conform