Auto texturing + Physical Material

I’ve been searching on this topic for a long time trying to figure out how I can do this.

I have created an auto texturing material for my landscape which works fine, however I can’t figure out how I can assign physical materials to each of the textures since they do not have layer info. Is it possible?


Alright, this is why I get annoyed with some of the tutorials you find on youtube, they’re basic asf…

Can you post your basic setup so I know what solution to post

Basically I am using some material functions to generate my texture, which run through a few slope and height checks.

Thanks for quick response.


oops, mb, I thought you meant PBR textures.

From what I’ve heard assigning PM inside of Mat Functions isn’t going to be a thing until 4.15(?), you are able to assign them to your paint layers by going into the paints layer info and selecting it there

Short answer, not you can’t do that yet.
Long answer, you can implement that yourself in the engine, or vote for this feature to be added. It has been requested ever since release i think.

“there’s no guarantee that’s what the user is doing in the material. Also the blending order in the material is arbitrarily chosen by the user based on how they setup their nodes and might not match the order in the landscape component.”
Wish they would give us some more dedicated node graphs