Auto texture scaling parameter

I have been digging through the starter content and have not found yet any examples of smart materials that can adjust to the scaling of an object. I remember a tutorial in udk but can’t find that either where he created a rock material that would scale when the object is scaled to eliminate stretching. I have purchased the grey boxing kit, and it has an example i tried to implement it with my own textures but i still get stretching. Was wondering if any other examples of this exist or of any one has knowledge on the texture nodes i need to use. Here is a example of what i want to be able to set up with my custom materials,

Thanks All!

Take a look at this thread: :slight_smile:
In my foilage pack you can see an example how it works: (the bark material)

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You can do this many different ways.
Here is another method I whipped up real quick. It takes a few other things into account (such as axis specific scale).


Custom Node “DynamicRes”: The Output Type Needs To Be (Float2)

float a = ((oRadius/Resolution)*xIn);
float b = ((oRadius/Resolution)*yIn);
float aC = ((oRadius/Resolution)*xIn*0.5);
float bC = ((oRadius/Resolution)*yIn*-0.5);
float aCa = (a+aC);
float bCb = (b+bC);

return float2(aCa,bCb);