Auto Host/Join Advanced Session Based on Player Count


I’m trying to make my game auto host/join a session based one whether or not there are any sessions with less than the maximum players allowed in the session upon entering the game. I basically am trying to create a game with no Main Menu. Just throws you right into the game upon opening.

If there is a session with less than 50 (max) players I want it to automatically join that session.
BUT if there are only full sessions, then I want it to auto create a session. This has to be possible, but every time I test the game, it only creates a new session; never joins one.


Also, here is my blueprint:


I had the “Default Map” set to the level that you would play on, not the opening level that sends you to the playing level. Now it won’t create a session at all. I also realized according to my BP that if no session existed, then it would not create one so I updated that but I still can’t get it to work.

Figured it out.

Also, I had to change my DefaultEngine.ini to look like this:









Hi , i am trying to do as you do like one button " Play " if there is a space you can join with friends if not create another one but its not working always create a new session what do i do i cant copy your Engineini code since it has some related to your project will not work with me

Hi x2lovi! I actually realized my answer was wrong for my implementation.

Here’s my solution in EOS Integration Kit instead of Advanced Sessions, but it should still work the same way:

I created a “Custom Event” for host session, and made it “Host Session”
Then I made one single button where “on clicked” it attempted to find sessions. If none were found, I call the Custom Event from earlier in the same blueprint and after a Branch node that looks for any sessions.