Auto Exposure Question

Hello there,

I have a couple of questions concerning the Auto Exposure.

I am working on an (Arch-Viz) project where there is a big room with a huge glass fassade/slide door that faces toward a big green garden. The light situation is that the sun hits frontally through this huge window.

Now, in theory that means that, if the inside is visible, the window should “burn out” and be overly bright. And I also want to be able to walk towards this huge window and the closer I get the “darker” or more visible the outside becomes. If I were to turn around quickly, the inside should be very dark and then brighten up again via the Auto Exposure.
I hope I have described it comprehensively what I am trying to achieve.

Now my problem is, that I do not get the outside to be overbright without placing another light/Bouncy plane in front of the window.

Anyone have an idea? I kinda like the light as it is at the moment. I have a directional light and atmospheric fog that make the outside quite pretty, and I have a couple of “hidden-in-Game”-“Koola”-Indirect Lighting Bouncy planes with Spotlights to improve and light up the interior…

Thanks already!

Greetz and hope you are having a nice one!

JayCox of on3studio

Auto exposure measures the brightness of the scene. If it’s not working how you expect (assuming default or correct settings), then it means the brightness of the outside is too close to the brightness of the inside. You should increase the intensity of your outside light or decrease the intensity of your indoor light. If you are relying on eye adaptation to adjust the lighting, then you don’t have to worry much about one or the other being too bright or dark.

Maybe you could add an emissive translucent plane behind your glass facade that fades out as the camera gets closer?

Or directly add the emissive part to your glass material.

Hey I cooked up a quick example of what I was talking about, in case anyone’s interested: