Auto Exposure Issues, map too dark

Hey guys, I’ve recently changed my auto exposure settings min and max brightness to 1 (players camera post process)to get rid of the lighting and emmisive change based upon distance that was in the map. However now i have the issues of my map is really really dark everywhere (I’m making a night level but this is just too dark). I can crank up some of the point lights in the map to about 20,000 intensity and they seem alright. This doesn’t feel right however because the outside is still really dark. Upping the value of my Directional Light does some improvement but after a certain value i just get crazy bloom outside. This is all for a night map, and i’m worried about the production of making future maps that are in daylight if i continue using this process. How can i improve these settings? Can anyone help?


To get rid of the eye adaption you just have to set the min to 10 and then with the max you can adjust the brightness of the light

Ok thanks, this works… just all of this seems extremely difficulty to judge for future lighting. such a small value can change a lot :L