Auto-Complete for UFUNCTION like BlueprintPure

I am using using namespace UP to get auto-complete for UFUNCTION specifier. I noticed that BlueprintPure isn’t there and it also isn’t in the documentation:

Did I miss something?

Edit: I mixed it up. It’s about UFUNCTION.

Hi Xazen,

BlueprintPure is a UFUNCTION specifier, not a UPROPERTY specifier. I do not believe using the namespace for UPROPERTY specifiers works for UFUNCTION specifiers as well.

Are there any plans to create an enum for both UFUNCTION and UPROPERTY which could include BlueprintPure?

Hi Xazen,

I am not aware of any plans to do the same for UFUNCTION. I have entered ticket UE-35500 to request the same functionality for UFUNCTION (and UCLASS) specifiers.

Hey ,

thanks, that would be great!