Auto-Chess Project looking for Character Artist / Animator

Hello everyone!

I’m solo developing an auto-chess game on my spare time.

I’m primarily a game designer but I also have a programmer and producer background.

I’m publishing the entire development process on Youtube.

Here is a preview of the latest progress:

If you want more information about the project or Auto-Chess games in general, feel free to head over my WIP topic.
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What am I looking for?

I’d like the help of a Character artist to model, rig, skin, texture and animate characters. (RTS units)

It represents approximately 40 units, each with a dozen of animations. (I think we only need a few generic rig/skin)

There are many ways to optimize / reduce the workload which we’ll talk about if we work together.

We don’t want AAA models but cheap RTS models with good motion in their animation to make them readable from afar.

Art Direction should look similar to other art assets in the game (which are likely to be based off of Polygonassets).
Everything on that side is debatable as I’m more of a developer than an artist.

For now, the project is dedicated to the PC platform but we’ll try to care about optimization and polygon count anyway.

We’ll basically be developing a multiplayer game together, me being the developer and you being the character artist :slight_smile:
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What am I doing with this project?

I wanted to learn the development problems specifically related to Auto-Chess games.

I wanted to let anyone know how I’m building such a project. My videos are not tutorial but they are an heavy source of knowledge for anyone willing to build an Auto-Chess or a multiplayer game. I will use the art assets you’re creating during live development.
I might make the Youtube project (without your art assets) available to download for free when the series is over.

Packaging a LAN game
The LAN project is why I’m posting this thread in the first place. I’d like to build a small game playable in local network with my friends and I’m looking for help in that regard. You would also get the chance to use and play the game in the same way.
This project is not a commercial project.

Setting up the base for a plugin
The **Plugin project **is something I will work on in the future, using the code foundation of the Youtube project.
I might earn money out of this if and when I release it on the Marketplace. But it won’t use any of the art assets you’re creating.
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What is there for you?

A free copy of the plugin on your Unreal account, a free copy of the final LAN game, free access to the ongoing Youtube project and direct input on the features being developed.

We can also talk about your projects and I can help regarding the code and game design parts.

I can help you publish the models you’re creating for the LAN project (or other stuff) on the Marketplace if you wish.

If we ever happen to release the LAN project as a game in an official way, we would talk about percent shares if it still uses your assets.

We can trade in services as well, I can teach Game Design, Blueprint, Multiplayer Widgets or do an initiation on several other subjects such as Behavior Trees and Animation Blueprints.
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Other Notes

Other needed assets are coming from the Marketplace and other sources: FX, Sounds, Environment and Interface.

As mentioned previously, we’re likely going to use Polygon assets for the environment. Right now I’m using Mini-Legion for the units.

If you wish to work on any of those fields, feel free to tell me about it.
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And that’s pretty much it. If you’d be interested in working together, make sure to both PM me and post a message here (just saying you contacted me).

You can ask me any question regarding the project itself here, I’m really open when it comes to its development.

In the meantime, I’ll continue diving in :slight_smile:

GL and HF everyone!