Authoring VFX for Virtual Reality

How has everyone’s experience been authoring particle fx systems in Unreal. I’ve looked around for basic best practices but information seems pretty scarce. The only thing I’ve really taken away is geometry based fx are the way to go. Has anyone had any luck using traditional techniques. I’m not a vfx artist by trade but I dabble here and there.

Depends on the effect you’re going for tbh. Things to avoid are effects that “look at” the player. Anything that is 2D I usually make it so that the player cannot look directly at the side since it doesn’t have depth.

This is one of those areas where there is no “right” solution for everyone, as it is totally based on your project needs.

I’d suggest watching/reading the showdown postmortem if you haven’t already.

Oh cool, John. Yeah I’ll check that out.

Also note, it seems that GPU sprites are not identical for the yes so you can get some disparity, it has not been too annoying in my project yet and I suppose it is already a known bug with the multiple other things that don’t quite work in stereo yet. Also big sprites and sprites where you can see the texture are generally bad: the rock sprites in Showdown definitely catch my eye and not in good way.

You should check out the little-known game known as BlazeRush. Hands down the best VFX in VR yet (you may have to roll back oculus drivers). It looks like particle systems can work fine with a bit of trickery and the right kind of texture (and overall size). I am developing a VR game right know, and have been referencing this gem of a VR game for a while (even the menus are good!). The game is utterly unremarkable without Oculus as well, it’s the strangest thing…

Any advice for Gear VR particles?

EVE Gun Jack looks freaking amazing but I tried dropping the default explosion particle that comes with starter content into a Gear VR project and it just doesn’t show up at all. :mad: