August #UE4jam Submission Thread

Don’t Look Away

Team Name: G-Raph
Team members: RussOfRuss, Zeittleni, LifeGrapher
Name: GRaph_DontLookAway


Addded actual ending, some new stuff and polished a little
Download: G-Raph. Don't Look Away - Google Drive

Team Name: HOM_E’s
Team members: Adam Liepins, Angela Li, Byron Choy
Name: Furble

Download link:

Project MAL

Team: DennyRocket
List of team members: DennyR
Name of your submission: Project MAL
Short description: Meta theme connection. It appears to be a game, but what is it really? Find out.
DOWNLOAD: Google Drive

**Youtube Teaser **

Disclaimer: I am like super late to submitting this. I am using FMOD for this and I had a weird bug that some random sounds were not playing at all after packaging. I tried to package early and often this. I had zero issues, the sounds were playing - until the final package. Out of the blue, nothing worked anymore. Here we are. A few hours later, I got it done.
So I am not sure if I am in the competition with this.

Also adjust your volume, it might be a bit too loud for you.



Team Name: BitFox
Team Members: Znnyx, LazarusParadox
Submission: BitFox_Tartarus

Move - WASD
Jump - Space
Look around - mouse
Shift Dimensions - E
Grab Item - Left Mouse button(Hold)
Move Item towards/away - mouse wheel
Quit Game - Escape

The Lone Mind

Team name: Techi-Tech
Team members: Rodion Filippov, Sergei Kuznetsov.

You are a detective and investigating crime

Control: AD - movement, E - interact, Esc - exit game.


UPD: Fix weird bug at start.

Team name: Skybloom
List of team members: 1
Name of your submission: Skybloom_Rebirth


Hope I’m not too late, had some troubles packaging the game.

Team name: Team Havoc’s 100 Man Team
Team members: Havoc
Name of Submission: Ipswitch

Ipswitch is a lite-walking simulator with a focus on ambience. When the game begins, head right!

Control: Mouse (movement, input) + Keyboard (input). Alt+F4 to quit.

Shouldn’t be anything game breaking. Sorry for the late submission, had issues packaging!

Updated URL - fixed a packaging issue that prohibited moving.