August #UE4jam Submission Thread

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Break & Enter: The Narwhal Heist

Team Name: Connor and the Wigglywams
Team members: Me (models, materials, programming, level design, theme song lyrics), LoyaltyDash (voice lines, concept, level design)
Name: ConnorandtheWigglywams_NarwhalHeist

Break & Enter: The Narwhal Heist is a short, silly, difficult first person game where you play as Wally the Narwhal (a freelance spy) breaking into a house. Your goal is to obtain all 7 of the gold blocks scattered across the house, without breaking anything. You have 90 seconds to win. You’ll know if you’ve won.

Notable features:

  • Narwhals
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Kittens
  • Best theme song ever written in 30 seconds

WASD - Slide
Space - Jump
Q - Skip opening cutscene


3rd party assets:
Starter content (character blueprint), Realistic Rendering demo (furniture), Kevin MacLeod (music), Modular Neighborhood Pack (furniture), Quality Game Settings (settings menu)

EDIT: The connection to the theme is that you’re a spy. If you break anything, you get caught, and your identity as a narwhal will be revealed. You’re not as you appear. The deeper connection is that: this game’s connection to the theme is not obvious, making it not as it appears. MMMMHMMMMM.


Test #55

Team Name: 's No Sleep Grinders
Team members:
Name: #55

About: A top down puzzle game in which ‘things are not always as they appear’. If you get stuck this on any puzzle the below .doc provides the answer key.

Answer Key:

W - Move Up
A - Move Left
S - Move Down
D - Move Right


3rd Party Assets:
From The Dust - Believe (Creative Commons License)
Noxive - Resilience (Creative Commons License)
Valesco - Stay With Me (Royalty Free) but hey, might as well give credit for this great song!

Spooky House

Team Name: Agile Perception
Team members: ,
Name: AgilePerception_SpookyHouse

Premise: Joey should have just stayed out of the spooky house.

Windows 64-bit
Mac 64-bit
Linux 64-bit

[FONT=courier new]Action            | Mouse & Keyboard | Gamepad
[FONT=courier new]------------------+------------------+------------------
[FONT=courier new]Move              | WASD             | Right Stick
[FONT=courier new]Toggle Flashlight | Left Mouse       | Face Button Right
[FONT=courier new]Interact          | F or Right Mouse | Face Button Left
[FONT=courier new]Jump              | Space Bar        | Face Button Right
[FONT=courier new]Restart Game      | Enter            | Special Left
[FONT=courier new]Quit Game         | Escape           | Special Right

Fun Facts:

  • We don’t work on Sundays, so we had about 24 less hours than most teams.
  • One of us worked only on Mac. The other worked only on Windows. We like to deploy things to as many platforms as we can.
  • Started with 1st person shooter template and stripped it down
  • All game logic was created from scratch
  • ALL THE MODELS were created from scratch.
  • Most materials were created from scratch for this game. (We spent most of our time creating content and working on the look!)
  • Some starter content textures & materials were used (mostly the wood grain).
  • Some sounds sounds (voice-based) were recorded in-house for this project.
  • Remaining sounds were purchased with commercial licenses from various sources.
  • Outlines were done with the Outliner plugin purchased from the UE Marketplace.
  • Spooky house picture is commercially licensed stock photography.
  • Font is commercially licensed Caslon Antique.



If you get stuck, click more.

Link to a download of your game: download here (219mb)
List of team members: blexlol
Name of your submission: TOPQUALITYGAMES_Slideycup

Imported assets: Realistic Reflection project, incorrect/correct sound effects.

Team name: Muffin
Members: Diatomic Muffin
Name of submission: Muffin_Quantum

About: First person puzzle solver with the ability to change each room into one of two states and then use the constants and variables to progress.


LMB Pick up
Space Jump
Esc Pause

Download: Muffin_Quantum.rar - Google Drive


Team Name: AdventureClub

Team members:

Name: AdventureClub_3uper

A - Move Left
D - Move Right
Spacebar - Action
ESC - Quit


Team Name: (solo entry)
Name of submission:

move :WASD
pause :ESC


Team name: 's Half-Baked Games
List of team members:
Name of your submission: Switch

Description: Use the switches to make platforms appear where they weren’t before. Collect 5 coins per level before time runs out. (3 levels)

Controls: FOR GAMEPAD: Joystick to move, A to jump, Right Trigger to Switch (starting with Level 2)

Bonus Controls: Escape to quit

Content Notes: Most content by me, Music by Eric Matyas @, some textures from the usual suspects (opengameart, turbosquid, etc.). As always special shoutout to the makers of the Supergrid Pack.

Team|Name: Joj

You, a Koala, want to prove that you are in fact a bear (Though things are not always as they appear) by sleeping in the best spot in any given area

Guess The Gift by Derzo

I made this quick quiz chat game in 2 days and on mac, didn’t have time on friday. The theme was super hard for me, the game idea was by my friend, Jimijoo! Also, I had issues when trying to package it (apparently my 4.12 is broken), so huge thanks to 0lento for packaging it for me!

Game: Guess The Gift

Team: Derzo (1)

Controls: mouse & keyboard :smiley:

Outside assets: Music by KevinMacLeod and victory, fail & success sound effects from youtube, font from dafont.


Vous Ne Revez Pas

Team: **Team **
Members: ****
Name: ****


Download -!AnGB6xu-j70c5iUPVt6A1dBahWCJ
Team name - RED
Members - Shiv, Ross, Etienne
Name - RED_T.A.N.A.A.T.A

Team: Drunkards
Members: Tree and Map
Project: Drunkards_ShootWisely
Download link: Dropbox - Drunkards_ShootWisely.rar - Simplify your life

You are in an unknown world.
There are 3 types of enemies:

  • Red - deal damage to you when they reach, disappear when shot
  • Blue - do nothing when they reach you, deal damage to you if shot
  • Green - heal you if they reach you, dissappear if shot
    The catch is to our protagonist every enemy seems red untill they are really close(little after they enter shooting range).
    Through out the map are scattered items you must collect in order to finish the game.
    You have a shotgun with 2 shots before you need to reload, but at least you have unlimited ammo.
    You have a 2 seconds long sprint with 10 seconds cooldown(square in bottom right shows when sprint is ready)

WASD - Move
Left mouse button - shoot
R - reload weapon(or restart the game when given the option)
Left shift - sprint
E - Interact with objects
Escape - Quit the game

Premise: David, a former leader of a paramilitary group that has since dissipated, finds that the world outside his door is a lot larger than he had thought.

Collapse is a parser based text adventure created within less than 24 hours and invokes medias res, throwing the player into the end of “Season 3” of the series wherein protagonist David is reflecting on events of the season and trying to deal with them effective.

Link: Dropbox - Error

File Size: 898 MB

Team Name: Wanderer

Team Members: Jason Wanderer

Third Party Assets: FPS Weapon Pack 1

Good luck to all other participants!

~ Jason

EDIT: Updated the game a bit.


A Room Scale Virtual Reality Game (HTC Vive Only)

Recharge your controllers by touching appropriately coloured lightning while dodging white ones - keep track of their spawns though as coloured lightning commonly “short circuit” and appear white (especially in higher levels), so don’t dodge 'em all!

More info in included Tutorial level. Survive all 8 levels (excluding tutorial) - earphones highly recommended.

Note: If text appears fuzzy during initial load/tutorial, press (R) TRIGGER or DOWN thumbpad to force a level reload.

Link to a download of the game:

Team name:
Rune Berg

List of team members:
Rune Berg

Name of submission:


All assets are mine including meshes, materials and particle systems except:

a. Sound effects licensed under Creative Commons from
b. Vive controller mesh from SteamVR installation

(image or NO image-that´s the question)

An asteroid-type of game…

Not a complete game because of out of time
But it´s the theme: Things are not always what they appear to be. And this THING is not a complete game.

Did this just to see if I could do it. Next time I will complete a game.

Link: (sorry for the WindowsNoEditor - I will name my project next time)
Packed size 75,3 MB
Unpacked size 195 MB

Team name: kaktusbear

List of team members: kaktusbear


Chose one of the ships for this. Thanks to Master484 at :slight_smile:

Used the stuff that´s already in the engine: materials etc

No sound and music - sorry for that :frowning:

Let the best game win.


Golden Lens by Jan “” Czarniecki

Download (GoogleDrive)
Mirror (DropBox) Dropbox - Error

Small bug sneaked it’s way in making one of the puzzles way to easy. Here is the updated version:
Version v2 - Download (GoogleDrive)

Team name: Team
Team members : Jan “” Czarniecki (solo work)
Submission name : TeamAllshar_GoldenLens

You are invited to the lab of a famous scientist…

WASD to move
Mouse to look around
Space to jump
R to restart a level
M to show sound options

Music created by teknoaxe : TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - YouTube
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Gentle Embrace - Gentle Embrace -- Piano/Violin/Soft -- Royalty Free Music - YouTube
My Little Medley - TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - My Little Medley -- Piano/Background -- Royalty Free Music - YouTube
Baby Steps in Reaper - Baby Steps in Reaper in Piano -- Piano/Drama -- Royalty Free Music - YouTube

Sound effects come from, all under Creative Commons 0 License.

Font used in game comes from Google Fonts:

Have fun!

Ultimate cube

In this game, you control a cube…
But not any cube… the ULTIMATE CUBE!
The ultimate cube is more than meets the eye. It can transform intoa car, a plane or even a helicopter.

The game includes a course, that will entertain you for minutes!

Read the text file, included in the download file for more information and controlls.

Team Name:

Rok Podpečan

Game Title:
Ultimate Cube

Download here:

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Quantum Factory
Team: Ludicrous Rex
Members: Samuel Creelman (EMPBomber)
Windows Download Link: LudicrousRex_QuantumFactory

A puzzle game in which you combine two objects in superposition to create a final product. Combine the first object’s shape and color with the second’s pattern and size to match it with the object you are given. Press the buttons at the pipe or simply look away to determine the two states of each object.

WASD: Move
E: Use buttons
Esc: Quit

Perhaps I’m crazy to attempt a game jam deep in a college term as a full time student, even more so that this is my first project using Unreal Engine outside of tutorials. But hey, I know more about UE4 than when I started and that was my goal. :smiley: