August #UE4JAM, August 13-16th, THEME: THROWN IN AT THE DEEP END

Can’t wait to participate in another game jam! The last one was a blast! If you’re looking to join a team check out my post, and let me know!

I love gam jams in theory, I hate having a 9-5 and the feeling of losing out on a whole weekend >_<

Anyone in Chicago want to team up?

i’m in. (Programmer)
If a 3D Artist wants to join me, contact me :slight_smile:

Right, those as well.

Meaning we can use marketplace items?

I assume that means you want the finished games cooked & packaged so that people cant rip/pirate paid assets?

Posted a last minute thread looking for 1-3 people.

Thanks . Was hoping it was just an overlook rather than some rule change.

That and they have 40+ submissions they have to go through and download as well.

I’d totally enter one of these when I get used to the engine in a couple of months. Around Winter-Spring you may just see me signing up!
Need to brush up on my total lack of skills. C++ first, modelling later.

Also Hi :slight_smile:


You might want to just look at using blueprints! Syntax-free “programming” can be very fast :smiley:

Yes please, also I don’t want to download 40+ full unpackaged projects and have to then package and play them. I just want to play them.

It’s also so those that do not have the editor nor the version you built with can still participate and play your awesome games :slight_smile:

If yall don’t know already, I do a live stream at the end of every game jam (seriously, right at the end, as soon as the submission deadline comes, I start).

This time however I happen to have an extra 240 GB Intel SSD 730 Series I was given it brand new and I don’t have any extra sata ports. Shout out to Jeff Rous, please follow him on Twitter.

I plan to give it out as some form of an “'s Choice Award”. I only have one. So. Yeah.

There isn’t really any form of criteria. Long time watchers of my stream generally know what I like. If its fun and has a lot of gameplay, those are generally my favorites (I mean, I guess that’s the same for else too?)

Anyway, that is happening.

Guess Epic will thro- wait a second!


In regards to thats just great of you. This community is awesome and I pray before bed everynight the 19 dollar fee dissapearing doesnt break that when I wake me up.

Very generous of you guys!

Snowball’s in Hell 2

Snowball has made it out of hell…what conundrum has he got himself into now? Watch Awesome guide snowball on his next adventure!

I might take part this time as well, this time though with a completely reversed agenda (rather than doing something completely new to me): the smallest most fun and graphically/sound wise and generally feel wise polished game possible.

I will also try to participate, I hope I get a relaxed weekend for that!

Good luck!

So… based on the theme of “THROWN IN AT THE DEEP END.” If I take this theme literally and make a game that is really difficult and complicated that comes with no instructions, I get 10/10 for theme, right? :wink:

i have just one question how do i enter i really want to try my hand at this game jam