Golden Lens - Team Allshar
Hoaxagon - Chaotic Neutral
T.A.N.A.A.T.A. - RED


  • We will announce the theme on the August 11th stream, when the jam officially kicks-off. The stream starts at 2 PM EST.

  • Make an amazing game by yourself or with a team (up to 5) around the given theme in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Submit a download link to the SUBMISSION THREAD before **midnight (EST) on the night of August 14th/ morning of August 15th **including the following:

  • Team Name

  • List of Team Members

  • Name of submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    After you post your submission, PM me with the email addresses of your team members (up to 5), the name of your team and the name of your project. That makes it easier to get in contact with everyone, so make sure to send that info over!

  • A small panel at Epic will judge entries on the following criteria:

  • Unique use of theme

  • Fun factor

  • Overall Visuals

  • Detailed rules

  • Intel Raffle

  • Game Jam Rules

All submissions will be featured in a highlight reel posted to our YouTube and shown on Twitch.


This month we have Ben Mears joining us to help with judging. Ben is the Community Manager at SideFX for Houdiniand is also the awesome guy who has been providing Houdini Indie as prizes to all the winner of the UE4jams! Follow him on twitter for all the latest news from SideFX about Houdini.


The top 3 submissions will receive an Epic Swag Box with all sorts of goodies, a “Game Jam Finalist” forum badge, a featured playthrough on the August 25th Twitch stream, as well as a highlight on Unreal Engine launcher!

In addition to the Epic Swag Box, each member of the winning teams will be receiving 1-year of Houdini Indie (including the Houdini Engine) provided by SideFX. This amazing tool can be used with UE4 through the official Houdini plugin.

Also in addition to the Epic Swag Box, each member of the winning teams will be receiving a free copy of AIPD. You will have a choice of Xbox One, PS4 or Steam keys.


All participants of the August UE4jam who submit an entry will be entered into a drawing to win a brand new Intel Compute Stick and Wireless Mini Keyboard. Four (4) Intel Compute Sticks and Rii Wireless Keyboards will be raffled off during the revealing of the winner of the UE4jam on the August 25th livestream.

Happy developing, and good luck!

Theme Announce Countdown](
Submission Deadline Countdown](

Streaming your work on Twitch? Let us know so we can follow along!
Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam]( hashtag!
Make sure you catch Allar’s stream of all the entries once the deadline is up:

**-------- PARTICIPATING TEAMS ****--------
In order to streamline the playing, judging, recording, and winners announcement process, we’re requesting that teams participating in the jam let us know beforehand in order to prepare appropriately for the event. We’ll update the list with links to the games afterwards, too, so everyone can find your title without having to scroll through the whole thread :slight_smile: Pre-registration is not required for entry, and we know people will come in later, but it will greatly aid us in turning everything around quickly. We appreciate your help in making this event awesome :cool:

Please send myself a PM with your team name and number of team members and we’ll get you added to the list!


  1. Break & Enter: The Narwhal Heist - Connor and the Wigglywams
  2. Test#55 - Brandon’s No Sleep Grinders
  3. Spooky House - Agile Perception
  4. Slideycup - TOPQUALITYGAMES
  5. Quantum - Muffin
  6. 3uper - AdventureClub
  7. Sand - Sleepingdragon
  8. Switch - Shatty
  9. I AM A BEAR! - Joj
  10. Guess The Gift - Derzo
  11. VousNeRevezPas - Team Azaia
  12. T.A.N.A.A.T.A - RED
  13. Drunkards - Drunkards
  14. Collapse - Wanderer
  15. LIGHTNING DODGE - RuneBerg
  16. WindowsNoEditor - kaktusbear
  17. Golden Lens - Team Allshar
  18. Ultimate Cube - TimberTuc
  19. Quantum Factory - Ludicrous Rex
  20. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing - LeoCurtss
  21. Wipefish - Turtles
  22. PrisonBreakers - Ice
  23. DumbDwarfs - Ra Studios
  24. WhereIsTheAliens - JK5000
  25. IceCreamRampage - Stigglewiggle
  26. AWink2thepast - bigtoe rino
  27. Luci - NainTeam
  28. ScaffoldingScavenger - Jor
  29. Observant - Keyle
  30. Locus - Blistered Thumbs
  31. TopDog - CurrentFrame
  32. Catmoogedon - Perforce Jockies
  33. Clear and Present Danger - Great Filter Games
  34. Mirrored Shapes - Head Farmers
  35. Apologies to Zoe Trope, We’ll Meet Again - Miroir Industries
  36. MIMITROID - Succubi in Hats
  37. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature - Pink Mafia
  38. Theseus and the Minotaur - Shiny Side Games
  39. Iso Prism - Wölfe der Nacht
  40. AGameOfShadows - Richard Nazarian
  41. Hoaxagon - Chaotic Neutral
  42. Don’t Look Away - G-Raph
  43. Furble - HOM_E’s
  44. Project MAL - DennyRocket
  45. Tartarus - BitFox
  46. The Lone Mind - Techi-Tech
  47. Rebirth - Skybloom
  48. Ipswitch - Team Havoc’s 100 Man Team

Helpful Links for Jamming!

Official Sites

Getting Started Docs
Top Tips for Game Jams
Wiki Tutorials
Wiki Code Tutorials/Snippets
Training Videos
Tutorials and Guides
Blueprint Getting Started Thread
C++ Getting Started Thread


Unreal Engine’s Official Youtube Channel
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Mathew Wadstein’s Youtube Channel
Luos’ Youtube Channel

Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials by Tom Looman
Blueprint Guides by Romero
Gameplay Guides by Kitatus

I’m looking forward to IT!


I am so ready for this GameJam.

I would like to ask, How often do these style jams happen?
I don’t think i’m ready for this one,

but i’d certainly like to gather my team and build for the next one!

Every month. Normally in the middle of it like this one

When exactly does the entry have to be submitted (date, time and timezone)?

So it’s 15th Aug 00:00 EDT?

How to register for this jam???

just simply send a PM to Alexander

@Alexander_Paschall I sent a PM yesterday about Community Spotlight and attending this jam, but I see that I’m not part of the team list, not sure if you received my PMs. (Feel free to tell me to shutup if u are receiving and just havent actioned).

EDIT: Thanks I see it now.

Third time’s the charm, amirite? Hyped for tomorrow!

WHAT time does the twich go live???..
got New team and we need to see theme before we submit in… ??
we are new and scared we wont get it done… lol…

WHAT time does the twich go live???.. (i see 2pm your time + 5 hrs… man that 7pm UK time booo) wasted day… for me atleast lol

Now as i have joined a New team and we need to see theme before we gain the confidence to submit… can we submit at 2pm? as a team
we are new and scared we wont get it done… lol…

Thanks for the opportunity to compete

They take part every month around the mid of it :wink:

I think that they will tell it at 2pm there time where they always make there streams.

And submitting is until the night from sunday to Monday 12 am there time that would be 5 am your time 6 am your time :slight_smile:

This will be my first Game Jam too, looking forward to it =] Will give me something to focus on!
(UK team too, so yeh time is confusing ha)

It was also confusing to me, why they don’t tell the exact time zone. But since they started to post countdown links, its much easier, just follow these guys and don’t worry. Countdowns are always true, regardless of where you’re from. Read the main post carefully to find them.

Dammit. That’ll teach me :wink: Cheers!