Augmented Reality

Hi I’m brand new to Unreal and I have a few questions about augmented reality. Is it possible to get external camera data in to UE4 to display a camera in 6 DOF. Basically, similar to what Cinebox is doing with Cryengine. I mostly work in broadcast and was also wondering if it were possible to display this over a live video stream. Can anyone point me in the right direction and tell me if this is possible, and if so any resources to help with this. Thanks.

This would be awesome but the hard part would be to really know what the camera was looking at if you wanted to overlay some graphics or trigger some event?

In theory this should be much more interactive possible with a Project Tango type real time environment mapper: which epic already stated they were experimenting with …

Project Tango is pretty close to what I’m looking for. I work in broadcast and we do external tracking of environments all the time. Think the first and 10 line where its sticks on to the field. The tracking in not a problem, its the higher end graphics and realism that I’d love to see integrated. If anyone knows if this is possible, that would be great.

We don’t currently have support for grabbing the camera information, but it’s something we’re going to work on in the future! Theoretically, it shouldn’t be terribly hard, as long as you have access to an SDK that provides you with hooks to the camera data. You could use make a new render target for the camera, and then use that as a normal texture to drive a material on a plane, or a full screen quad.

Is there a way with the unreal engine 4 to render AR with ‘see through’-HMDs? Today tried the nVisor ST50 for VR, but I was wondering how I would go about rendering AR with it, since I wouldn’t need a video-signal, but rather only render an object for example, without any surrounding. Maybe the background is just supposed to be black and that’s it. I don’t know.