Augmented Reality in Unreal Engine, Urban Myth or a sorely under served reality?

I’ve searched high and low for some decent tutorials for AUGMENTED Reality (Not VR) and the only I’ve seen are some subpar tutorials that hobbyists have uploaded to Youtube. I’ve recently been tasked to learn Unreal by my work to persue real time graphics and story telling. Ok cool, I’ve seen some really neat Digital Humans, VR and of course games. I figured I’ve caught glimpse of of some VR tutorials online, I thought to myself “SURELY AR MUST be out there, I’ll look over some tutorials when I have a free moment.” Well, I’ve had some free time and looked up and down Youtube for a “decent” tutorial, I found nothing. I cant swing a two button mouse without hitting an Unity AR tutorial online, I’ve even done a few and made some apps in Unity using Vuforia to do some image target apps. I thought “Unreal and Vuforia must be working together.” Am I wrong? I went to training at Epic Games in Culver City for some training and spoke to one of the instructors during lunch and told him “I’ve found no good tutorials…Is AR even a thing in Unreal?” He assured me emphatically and said “Not only is it AR a THING in Unreal, it’s SUPER EASY, it’s not even funny. You know what…they even have templates now.” I asked about Image Targets. “YEAH SURE…of course!” He assured me.

So here it is: Can anyone point me in the direction of some really decent tutorials on how this is done? I’m talking Launch the app, view an image target that launches and animation…or locate a ground plane and click you have your animated character to appear life size in the room…or Geocaching so that the experience happens when you are in a specific longitude and latitude.

Something, anything “cool”. Please prove me wrong…or if not just tell me that “It really isnt a thing in Unreal…yet.”
I would be so happy to be wrong.

Looking for this as well. Anything?

Unreal Engine natively supports both ARKit and ARCore, you can find tutorials and template projects for them.

Also I’ve made 2 plugins, you may want to check out:

Marker and image tracking (iOS, Android - from Android v4.4.2 KitKat , Mac, Windows webcam):

Virtual fitting room for Kinect: