Augmented reality in live TV Broadcast. HELP!

Hello all,

I’m trying to make simple setup to render real-time 3d objects into real world trough Black Magic Decklink card. I have two scenarios that i would like to make and I need comunity help because I’m really new in Unreal world.

First is that I would like to use my Camera input with BMD Decklink card (+reference input) and set is as full screen not movable background and on top of it to overlay and position 3d assets from UE. Camera that I use is GrassValley Ldx 86n universe with Canon lens CJ12e x 4.3B and its mounted on UNIVERSAL ROBOTICS arm wo can deliver tracking data with camera zoom and focus thru FREE-D protocol. So when camera moves x,y,z,rx,ry,rz, 3d assest shoul follow but background video input should stay in position so I can than output composited scene on BMD Decklink output and use it in my Vision Mixer.
There is no Virtual studio planed or any keying. Just overlaying objects with tracking.

Second scene is similar as first but here I’d like to use just tracking data without camera input and output UE scene on Decklink output with key and fill so i can just overlay 3d assets as key in vision mixer.

This is very simple setup i think. Only problem is that i have no idea where to start. Creating scene, placing assets, adding lights…that is clear for me. Now just comes camera actor and project bluescript with in, track, composite, out.

Can anyone help me?


Hi Bud, call me 8187203250
I can walk you thru the process