Augmented Reality for UE4

I just found this and it is really good, thank you! It works fine for me in Windows so far.
Are you also planning to release the source code of the plugin? It would be nice to check it and maybe contributing too!


I’ve updated the plugin and the sample project, with NFT feature, and MAC OSX support. (Working on the iOS code…)

How to test ?

  1. Download the file on the link below and unzip it’s contents to your UE4 project directory.

  2. Print the markers located in PDF

  • There are 4 markers here: Kanji , Hiro, Sample 1, Sample 2. (Print at least Hiro, to get started!)
  • For NFT use pinball.jpg
  • Make sure to print them in their original size, and there should be a white border around the marker.
  1. Run Epic Games launcher, and install Unreal Engine 4.9.2

  2. In Epic Games launcher open ARSample project

  3. Connect your webcam, and press the play button inside the editor!

  4. Video stream should appear, move the markers (Hiro / Pinball.jpg) in front of the camera

  5. Default unreal 3D chairs should appear on the screen.

More info about marker tracking can be found on the following link:

There are two main blueprints in the example:

ARToolkitBase blueprint

  • Default webcam init (640x480 default resolution)
  • Initializes the video stream and creates a dynamic texture based on the baseFeed material
  • Loading markers (Marker list can be edited in the Markers and MarkersNFT enumerations - Content browser: Contents/ARToolkit/Blueprints/Markers , Markers NFT
  • Cleaning up at the end.

Level blueprint

  • Transformation of the “chairs” based on marker positions / rotations.

CubeHiro, CubeNFT

  • Simple static meshes - Feel free to change them!


Check out the updated version with MAC OSX support! iOS will be also supported…

My plan is to release the plugin in two constructions:

  1. Binary editor version of the plugin for Windows, MAC OSX - (maybe with some limitations) - FREE
  2. Binary editor + run-time versions, and the full source code for all platforms including mobile (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android) - Price is to be determined, suggestions are welcome!

(Please note that the Andorid version will require some engine source modifications and won’t be available as a “binary only” plugin.)

The future is here! :cool:

How come the editor crashes every time I launch the game? Am I missing something?

My webcam is on and I cannot get any result with either builds…

I’m running the game from the editor, on windows 8.

This is awesome and I would definitely be ready to pay for a plugin that would FINALLY bring UE to the AR fun…

However, I read an interview about Epic CEO saying AR will be the next big thing (yes…), I cannot believe that Epic is not working on this as a key upcoming feature for UE.

Have you tried to contact them to show what you are doing with your plugin? There might be a way to join your efforts to do something very stable and ambitious.

And again, I am not trying NOT to pay for this plugin, I’ll be very happy to reward you for the great work.
I just hope that we can have an ambitious AR plugin that will be updated on the long term and bringing new AR features all the time! And I feel Epic could (should) help on this!

Please check if there is any special character in your project path. If so, copy it to a simple directory like c:\UnrealProjects\ARSample

I hope it helps!

I’ve applied for DevGrants, sent them all the videos / demos, and the link to this thread.
No answer yet, but let’s hope the best!

Also it would be great to work on AR concepts with EpicGames officially, I am really into it!

Meanwhile I am doing some work on my own, and learning the engine. :slight_smile:

wow this plugin is amazing,do you mind if i test it in a project using trading cards (mtg in this case) and let it animate the creatures and spells? could release it for pub documentation ,however will do the release with the final plugin then :)?

oh and do u mind putting up a tutorial how it actually “read the cards” and how to setup a new card except the samples,would rly enjoy that and im sure others as well :slight_smile: btw still amazed by the possibilitys this offers ,gj man!

Wow that’s awesome

Can’t wait to try it out

awesome dude !! thanks!!

Is it just me or the latency is nearly perfect? That’s amazing. Very interesting work, glad to see people trying new and original things

I predict Augmented Reality will overtake VR. You heard it here first.

Very Nice!

Looks incredible indeed.

Very promising indeed :slight_smile:

This is incredible! I found this on the Launcher and knew I had to see it. Excellent innovation! I await the day when we can play with skeletal meshes in AR. Until then, I’ll be happily rocking my chairs back and forth. :smiley:

Thank you for your work. It is wonderful.
Your plugin works well in UE 4 windows. But in May, the tablet (android) pokazivaet it on the screen:

‘ARToolkitPlugin’ failed to load because module ‘ARToolkitPlugin’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.

I click “OK” and the screen trash.

I will be glad to any advice.

Когда запускаешь на андроиде, например, samsung galaxy s3, выдает ошибку:
“ARToolkitPlugin’ failed to load because module ‘ARToolkitPlugin’ could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project.”
Возможно плагин не скомпилировался и не запаковался? Не могу пока понять в чем дело.
Буду благодарен за помощь!